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Wednesday 20 Mar 2019
What resources can I find at my library?
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What is Great Start to Quality?
Great Start to Quality is a system of progressive standards that has a continuum of five levels. Learn how to raise quality in each of the five levels...
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How do I complete my Self-Assessment Survey?
Get step-by-step instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, in addition to Guidance Documents.
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What If I Have Questions About Licensing?
Find out how to become licensed.
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How Can I Learn More About Child Growth and Development?
Find out if your child is developing appropriately, find information about special needs, and find information about challenging behaviors.
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How do I get a degree...and pay for it?
Find out how to get your CDA, get in contact with a CDA advisor, work with community colleges, articulate a CDA into credits, obtain a TEACH scholarship and moreā€¦
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How do I find Quality Child Care?

The early years of a child's life are a critical time when the brain is forming connections that help determine a lifetime of skills and potential, affecting the way that children think, learn and behave.  Child care that provides a loving, safe, stable and age-appropriate stimulating environment helps children enter school safe, healthy and eager to succeed.  You have a right and responsibility to demand quality child care to help ensure you child's healthy physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.


How can I get help with paying for child care?

You need to work to make ends meet, but having your children in child care every day can cost more than half of your salary, leaving you struggling to keep your bills paid. You need help, but is help available?  You may be able to get help paying for child care.

Here are a few scholarship/assistance options available:

Department of Human Services For many families, the cost of safe, quality child care is a major strain on the budget. DHS' Child Development and Care Program may provide payment for child care services for qualifying families when the parent, legal guardian or substitute parent is unavailable to provide the child care.

Women's Caring Program The Women's Caring Program is a Michigan non-profit foundation incorporated in 1995 that provides financial support to children from low-income working families for quality childcare and early childhood education.



Find Quality Child Care in your area!


Find Quality Child Care in your area!

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